About Us

We invest our own capital in every property, sharing in the benefits.

By investing our own capital into 25 per cent of each project, we assume the same returns and liabilities as the people who invest with us. Our results speak for themselves. We regularly meet our target of 16 per cent annual returns and enjoy a 94 per cent occupancy rate. With no ongoing fees, Properties & Pathways offers a secure and lucrative investment opportunity.

An experienced team with a proven track record

The Properties & Pathways team has more than 60 years’ experience in property investment and management internationally.

Why choose Properties & Pathways?

Properties & Pathways offers a low-risk opportunity to invest your wealth through commercial property. Here are some of the reasons people choose us.

We have skin in the game

We work in partnership with our investors on each property, investing our own capital into 25 per cent of every project. This gives us the same benefit and risk profile as our investors. We enjoy excellent results, as evidenced by the 93 per cent of our investors who choose to reinvest after their first experience. We regularly meet our target of 16 per cent annual returns and enjoy a 94 per cent occupancy rate.

It’s a “set and forget” investment model

Instead of a commission-based business model, our low establishment fee is followed by no ongoing fees. This means you can “set and forget” your investment, while we use our property management expertise to continuously negotiate increased value. We keep you continually updated about your investment and provide complete transparency.

Our due diligence is second to none

Using our property expertise, we conduct extensive research and due diligence into every property. Properties & Pathways assumes all liability before settlement in the event we find something we feel reduces the attractiveness of a particular investment. All of our projects meet the strict standards of ASIC’s AFSL license, ensuring a governance model.

We mitigate against risk

Having the same benefits and risks as any shareholder means we’re committed to delivering optimum results and never become complacent. It also means we gain nothing by selling an investment before it has reached maximum value. We maintain a healthy reserve fund, to mitigate against risk. We also maintain a waiting list of investors for each project, so individual investments can be easily cashed out without affecting the wider project.

Want an investment you can trust, with proven results and transparent management? Properties & Pathways offers secure and lucrative investment opportunities.

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